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Bohemian Collection

Color: Blue / Multi
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Product Details

Construction: Hand Woven

Fiber Content: Wool, Natural Fiber

Style: Contemporary

Safavieh’s Bohemian Area Rugs is a collection of organic and organic/wool blend floor coverings styled with unique patterns, ribbed textures and remarkable feel underfoot. The rugs are washed to soften the yarn, and then brushed to an even more lustrous sheen.

Sizes Available

BOH5252A-22’ 0" x 3’ 0"Accent
BOH525A-22' X 3'Accent
BOH525A-242'-6" X 4'Accent
BOH5252A-33’ 0" x 5’ 0"Accent
BOH5252A-44’ 0" x 6’ 0"Accent
BOH5252A-242’ 6" x 4’ 0"Runner
BOH5252A-262’ 6" x 6’ 0"Runner
BOH525A-262'-6" X 6'Runner
BOH5252A-282’ 6" x 8’ 0"Runner
BOH525A-282'-6" X 8'Runner
BOH5252A-2102’ 6" x 10’ 0"Runner
BOH525A-2102'-6" X 10'Runner
BOH5252A-2122’ 6" x 12’ 0"Runner
BOH525A-2122'-6" X 12'Runner
BOH525A-33' X 5'Small Rectangle
BOH525A-44' X 6'Small Rectangle
BOH5252A-55’ 0" x 8’ 0"Medium Rectangle
BOH525A-55' X 8'Medium Rectangle
BOH5252A-66’ 0" x 9’ 0"Medium Rectangle
BOH525A-66' X 9'Medium Rectangle
BOH5252A-88’ 0" x 10’ 0"Large Rectangle
BOH525A-88' X 10'Large Rectangle
BOH5252A-99’ 0" x 12’ 0"Large Rectangle
BOH525A-99' X 12'Large Rectangle
BOH525A-1010' X 14'Large Rectangle
BOH525A-4SQ4' X 4' Square
BOH5252A-6SQ6’ 0" x 6’ 0"Square
BOH525A-6SQ6' X 6' Square
BOH525A-4R4' X 4' Round
BOH525A-6R6' X 6' Round
BOH525A-111511' X 15'Oversized