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"I am very proud of this extraordinary new collection of beautiful, exquisitely crafted, and reasonably priced rugs.  Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, you will be able to find distinctive rugs that complement your rooms and furnishings, imbuing your home with warmth, elegance, and singular style." - Martha Stewart
"My Safavieh collection empowers people to confidently express themeselves through fun, classic, and bold area rugs that reflect the way people live and entertain now.  The result is pure, evocative design that is both essential and highly practical." - Thom Filicia
"What's modern to me isn't austerity; it's just a sharper focus on shape and line, scale and coloration that reveals the character of the material itself." - Thomas O'Brien
"I always try to do something slightly edgy, and these rugs are interesting because they reinterpret classic motifs with a slightly bolder interpretation of scale" - Jamie Drake
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