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Amsterdam Collection

Color: Ivory / Multi
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Product Details

Construction: Power Loomed

Fiber Content: Synthetic

Style: Contemporary

Size Available

AMS108K-242'-3" X 4'Accent
AMS108K-262'-3" X 6'Runner
AMS108K-2102'-3" X 10'Runner
AMS108K-2122'-3" X 12'Runner
AMS108K-2142'-3" X 14'Runner
AMS108K-5R5'-1" X 5'-1" Round
AMS108K-5SQ5'-1" X 5'-1" Square
AMS108K-1010' X 14'Large Rectangle
AMS108K-111511' X 15'Large Rectangle
AMS108K-121812' X 18'Large Rectangle
AMS108K-282'-3" X 8'Runner
AMS108K-33' X 5'Small Rectangle
AMS108K-44' X 6'Medium Rectangle
AMS108K-55'-1" X 7'-6"Medium Rectangle
AMS108K-76'-7" X 9'-2"Medium Rectangle
AMS108K-88' X 10'Large Rectangle
AMS108K-99' X 12'Large Rectangle
AMS108K-7SQ6'-7" X 6'-7" Square
AMS108K-7R6'-7" X 6'-7"Round

More Information

No Backing:

Power loomed rugs do not use backing material on the underside of the rug. A thin coat of latex is applied to the underside of the rug to secure the yarns firmly in place. This latex coat is virtually invisible and is not considered backing material.example»


Helpful Tip: On area rugs with no backing the design pattern is clearly visible on the underside of the rug.


Pile Height:

Pile height refers to the “face” of your rug as measured from the

top of the yarns down to its foundation. Pile height is not the total thickness of the rug. The thickness of a rug is the pile height + foundation + backing material (if used). In general you can add approx. 1/8 – ¼ inch to the pile height to determine the total thickness of a rug.