Giuseppe & Giuseppe

Giuseppe & Giuseppe
Made in Italy by Nicoletti&Calia

Nicoletti&Calia is a time tested partnership between Calia Italia and Nicoletti Home that lasts from almost a decade and that combines 50 years of experience in the making of upholstered leather sofas. Both companies originated during 1965 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera, an ancient city located in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata and have since then expanded all over the world.

The strength of this partnership is not only due to our combined know how, but also to the possibility of offering the best models and mechanisms of both brands. This unique strategy has successfully proven to make a difference and has allowed Nicoletti&Calia to become the leading company in the contemporary segment. For those revolutionary and innovative customers who want to embrace contemporary, N&C is the perfect fit.

N&C ambition and dedication is to satisfy the needs of discerning customers with the most unique and modern lines characterized by distinctive Italian design and superior comfort. This partnership strives to guarantee very high standards of quality and service. Each unique upholstered design is made of carefully selected, premium quality and earth friendly materials to ensure product’s beauty and durability

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