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Transformation Zone

The Design Center at our Broadway store in Manhattan takes the Safavieh Experience to a higher level.

Business school professors talk about the “secret sauce” that differentiates a market leader from competitors. Does Safavieh have a secret sauce? Actually, we have several! And one of them is our free design service.

The new Design Center of Safavieh’s Broadway store in Manhattan is spacious, light-filled and stocked with myriad tools for designing every aspect of your dream room or dream home.

As a design-driven firm, we have more than 60 interior designers on staff. To make working with them easier than ever, we’re upgrading our in-store design centers. In these bright, inviting, well-organized spaces, you can relax with your own designer, sip a beverage and dream about transforming your home into something magical. With tons of work space and literally thousands of fabric samples at your disposal, as well as furniture finish options, paint samples and more, you can make confident decisions (or revisions) on the spot. Plus, it’s easy to wander through the roomscapes and merchandise of our adjacent retail floor to get extra ideas.

The new Design Center is the perfect place to take advantage of our free design service.

It all adds up to a fun, satisfying and stress-free experience. Here you’ll be doing more than shopping. You’ll be creating your ideal future home environment.

The store contains three floors of furniture, rugs and accessories to suit every taste and style.

While appointments are appreciated, they’re not necessary. Just drop by any Safavieh Home Furnishings store to get started.

  • Chart Topper - A new home in Connecticut mixes color and pattern in perfect harmony.
  • Liquid Refreshment - Wine cellars and bars are evolving into relaxed, dedicated spaces for entertaining at home.
  • The Collector’s Room - In the mythical world of the show house, designers can be as quirky as their hearts desire.
  • Go With the Flow - In a home designed for parties, revelers have the right of way in every room.
  • Classic Meets Chic - A Gilded Age mansion is being transformed into a high- style hotel with help from Safavieh.
  • Safavieh Happenings - Scenes from the latest celebration of style with friends, family, designers and industry partners.
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