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Tailored Chic

Sleek and muted, this understated suite bespeaks modern luxury.

There’s a quiet strength and elegance to this streamlined, uncluttered suite at the Ritz-Carlton, Long Island, North Hills. Neutral tones and unpatterned upholstery create the muted backdrop that might be called the Ritz-Carlton look, familiar to anyone who has stayed at one of the five-star resorts. Safavieh designers Joe Murphy and Iris Carias collaborated to infuse these private rooms with the same understated luxury as in the lobby areas and hallways. In the living room, neat geometric patterns in floor-to-ceiling drapes and rugs add subtle visual interest, as do hand-thrown pots and contemporary prints.

In this living room and dining area, designers Joe Murphy and Iris Carias chose unpatterned upholstery and soft colors to create a restrained, luxurious backdrop. It’s what might be called the Ritz-Carlton look, familiar to anyone who has stayed at one of the five-star resorts.

The study, outfitted in gleaming nickel and glass, might be the spot to do serious work—or to kick back with a novel, as sunlight filters through sheer drapes and falls on the mellowed silk rug. In the master bedroom, a tailored velvet-covered bed and architectural chests project a pleasing solidity, and warm gold tones seem to guarantee restful slumbers.

The décor of the study is perfect for work or leisure.

In the master bedroom, warm gold tones and tailored furnishings create a peaceful atmosphere.

To unclutter one’s mind for sleep, it helps to retire to an uncluttered bedroom. This thoughtfully curated space by Iris Carias is just the ticket.

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