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Scene Stealer

Many shades of white provide a glamorous backdrop for everyday living.

In its many shades, no color in decorating is more versatile than white. Here designer Keith Murphy has used the proverbial all-white color scheme to evoke the glamour of Old Hollywood. You might expect Jean Harlow, dressed in white, of course, to come sashaying into the living room at any moment, cocktail shaker in hand. Yet for all its powerful aura of celluloid glamour, there’s nothing oppressive or self-conscious about these interiors in the RitzCarlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills.

Designer Keith Murphy used a white-on-white color scheme, punctuated by gold accents, to give star power to this light-filled suite. All of the furniture is by Safavieh Couture.

A dining table by Safavieh Couture (left) seems to float on air, thanks to clear acrylic legs and a beveled glass top. In the kitchen (above), white bar stools, cabinets and accessories complement gray marble and brushed metal surfaces.

And truth be told, all-white interiors exist only in the movies. Along with white upholstery, rugs, drapes and cabinets, here we also see lots of burnished gold— and frankly, gold is a big part of Murphy’s successful recipe in this space—plus silver, transparent crystal, dark brown floors, dark gray marble, apple green in the kitchen and so forth. Here white is simply a backdrop, albeit a glamorous one, for the colorful tapestry of everyday living.

Evocative of Old Hollywood, this master bedroom is undeniably glamorous. Its subdued palette is also easy on the eyes, the perfect foil to daily stress. All of the furniture is by Safavieh Couture.

In a guest bedroom, Keith Murphy introduced hints of yellow to cool silvers and grays. The rug is from Safavieh’s Tiffany Collection.

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