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Pillow Talk With Tiffany N. Yaraghi

Whether subtle or sensational, designer pillows can add instant verve to any room.

Whether subtle or sensational, designer pillows can add instant verve to any room.

Tiffany N. Yaraghi

Tiffany, one of your responsibilities at Safavieh is the design and manufacture of pillows. It’s fair to say that pillows are a passion. Why?

I love what pillows do for a room. They make it comfortable and homey. They give it a warm vibe. And more than that, I see pillows as fashion for the home. Adding them is the quickest, most efficient way to change a room.

People tend to play it rather safe with rugs, wall coverings and furniture because these involve a long-term commitment. But pillows are an accessory—not a big investment— so they can be changed to suit your mood. Your pillows can be sedate one week and blinged out the next.


A luxurious blue shag pillow, all designed by Tiffany for Safavieh.

What’s your main goal when you design a new collection?

The goal is to be cutting-edge in fashion, but always keeping in mind that pillows are an impulse purchase that has to be affordable to be fun for the consumer. Creating just the right balance is a labor intensive process. We get many trial runs of each new pillow design, and we tweak and re-tweak before we approve the prototype for production.

What are the top design trends in pillows?

Sequins are a big trend right now. I think sequined pillows are like jewelry for your room. One of my favorites is our Ricci pillow. If it were a handbag and not a pillow, I’d use it as a clutch! Solid-color pillows with embellishments—a box stitch, border or some other twist—are very popular and versatile. And then there’s faux fur. It’s huge right now.

A vignette showing Ricci sequined pillows and a faux fur throw.

Where do your pillow designs come from?

First, from the world of fashion. My inspiration comes from fashion shows I attend in New York, Milan and Paris, from fabrics I find in dressmakers’ ateliers, and from women’s street styles. Nature is another source of ideas, especially the sea. Travel also inspires me, especially the vibrant colors and patterns I’ve seen in India.

A variety of beaded pillows.

Tell us some of your favorite fabrics for pillows.

That really depends on what fashion I’m following. I particularly like velvets, cotton sateen and linens. For a relaxed, organic look that’s very contemporary, linen is terrific.


Linen pillows with embroidered detail and appliques.

Can one have too many pillows?

It’s possible to over-accessorize, sure, but that takes some doing. I have a huge sofa in my home, and on it are at least 15 pillows. It’s a lounge for guests—and a magnet! Everyone is drawn to it.

Tiffany Yaraghi designs pillows as fashion for the home.

What’s next for you?

I’m expanding our textile division. We’ve just launched outdoor pillows in vibrant designs and weather-resistant materials, as well as throws. Fabric throws have the same softening effect on a room as pillows. Our plush faux fur throw—priced better than those you’ll find elsewhere—have become instant best sellers.

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