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Luxury Underfoot

The rugs of Ralph Lauren Home reflect the designer’s abiding focus on authenticity and quality. These are timeless designs that add character to a home and only improve with age.

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR: Inspired by velvet fabrics originating in Europe, the Fairfax rug (shown in Silver Sky) complements many of today’s looks from Hollywood glamour to understated, monochromatic sophistication. The yarns are hand-spun and vegetable-dyed to achieve a lustrous, heathered effect. Hand-knotted in India and then sheared, the Fairfax cut pile rug has a luxurious sheen and texture reminiscent of the Golden Age of film.

“I design for the home the way I design for a man or woman,” says Ralph Lauren, “with the same attention to detail, the same eye for what is beautiful and unique.”

MODERN PENTHOUSE: The elegant Ellington Border rug (shown in Platinum) recalls the Art Deco glamour of the 1930s and 1940s and features a classic double border frame made of a velvety cut pile ground. The monochromatic color and texture are artfully achieved in Nepal, where the rug is made of 70% hand-dyed, hand-spun high mountain wool and 30% organic viscose yarns.

The modern urban penthouse.

Lauren’s rug collections, like all of his designs, are true to his underlying principle: “Quality improves with age and use.” This quality depends on exquisite materials, authenticity in the design process and a high level of craftsmanship. To produce rugs that are faithful to the designer’s vision, Ralph Lauren Home chose Safavieh, a world leader in the creation of fine rugs using traditional techniques. For example, Ralph Lauren’s Richmond rug is inspired by a 19th century Farahan Sarouk antique. To produce the Richmond rug, Safavieh’s artisans use vegetable dyes to color premium wool and cotton yarns in the traditional manner. The yarns are then hand-knotted with 160 to 170 knots per inch for rich detail.

The modern urban penthouse is one of the recognizable influences.

The English estate is one of recognizable influences.

These signature rugs showcase some of Ralph Lauren’s most recognizable influences, from the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age, to the modern urban penthouse, to the grandeur of the English estate. True to the principle that quality improves with use, all of these rugs are objects of great beauty that will last indefinitely and take on a soft patina with the passage of time.

ENGLISH ESTATE: The Richmond rug is inspired by a 19th-century Farahan Sarouk rug. Masterfully woven, this rug is crafted from 90% premium wool and 10% cotton. It is authentically dyed and hand-knotted for exquisite detail and woven with 160 to 170 knots per square inch. Shown in Midnight Navy, the Richmond rug is also available in Vintage Red.

ENGLISH ESTATE: A complex geometry of color and form interplay, the Mamluk-style Lourens rug is influenced by antique floor mosaics and textiles, and is finely crafted with hand-spun wool, using traditional square knot weaving techniques. The central dominant octagonal medallion, surrounded by a variety of smaller geometric motifs, evokes an architectural decoration portrayed in a deep palette of crimson red and olive green, with touches of light blue.

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