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The new Safavieh showroom spans a full block on Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue, providing room for uncluttered displays of our most popular designs.

Broad walkways make Safavieh’s new Chelsea showroom easy to navigate. One of the main lifestyles on display is the relaxed look, seen here, that we call urban casual.

Of Safavieh's two Manhattan showrooms, Chelsea and Soho, the new Chelsea location could be called the flagship. It's the successor to the famous Broadway store, which Safavieh occupied for almost 25 years. "As our brand grew, we became frustrated by that space because we couldn't show enough of the variety we carry," says Darioush Yaraghi, vice president of the home furnishings retailer. "There was just not enough square footage and not a lot of street frontage."

High ceilings lend an air of ease to the light-filled space, as seen in the bedroom setting above. (Yes, those wall sculptures are for sale, and they’re very affordable.)

A lighting gallery (top right) groups our most popular styles together.

While the design center makes it easy to work on site with a staff design professional. The service is free of charge

Chelsea solved both problems. The new location occupies the length of an entire block on Seventh Avenue, from 15th to 16th streets. Arched, floor-to-ceiling windows span the block, making the whole storefront a window display and flooding the interior with natural light.

The store actually consists of two pre-war buildings that have been sensitively combined. One has arched ceilings, for example, while the other has exposed wood beams. Each possesses a distinct architectural feel, and the merchandise has been arranged to match. "We wanted our products to showcase the buildings, as well as the buildings to showcase the products," says Yaraghi.

"For the ‘lofty’ building, the one with the arched ceilings, we created an urban casual feel," he continues. "We tore out a decrepit staircase and put in iron mesh, contemporary stairs. The ground-floor design center has all-glass walls and black-painted beams, making it visually separate but complementary. The casual vibe continues on the lower level, where we installed galleries to showcase the best products of various top furniture brands, with a special emphasis on their custom capabilities."

The exterior view above shows just a portion of the block-long Chelsea showroom.

The adjacent building, which is part of one continuous ground-floor space, has what Yaraghi calls a farmhouse feel. More modern in its lines, this building fittingly showcases Safavieh’s modern collection, from midcentury on.

Safavieh’s famous rug department is also located here. "We took advantage of the space to curate the rug collection," says Yaraghi. “On the upper level we’re promoting a modern aesthetic because that’s of most interest to our customers. On the lower level, you’ll find silks, classics and antiques.”

How has the public reacted to the new Chelsea showroom? "It's gratifying that people 'get' what we're trying to do here. The number of shoppers has been steadily increasing. It’s a large, open space, so social distancing is easy."

The interior spaces are big enough to display king-size beds and a multitude of contemporary rugs, a collection of large sectional sofas, and much more.

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