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City Retreat

High above Manhattan, a warm, easy space makes the perfect pied-à-terre.

Manhattan House, a landmark condominium building on East 66th Street, is a modernist icon designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore Owings and Merrill in 1950. It’s also known for its size, occupying an entire city block and providing homes for literally thousands of people.

Rich in browns and golds, an oil painting of an imaginary cityscape set the tone, quite literally, for this harmonious Manhattan apartment.

The myriad apartments retain the simplicity of Bunshaft’s aesthetic, which is a decorator’s way of saying that the rooms are simple boxes, ready to take on whatever personality the homeowner chooses to give them. “My clients wanted a space that would be warm and glowing at night, which is when they spend most of their time here,” says designer Suzanne Gold. “Together we selected an earthy palette, lots of natural materials and tribal touches.”

Working with Safavieh, designer Suzanne Gold used warm woods and rich fabrics to provide a homey feel, while animal prints, free-form sculptures and Chinese-influenced furniture were chosen for a touch of exoticism.

The space also happens to look inviting during the day, when it’s flooded with natural light, thanks to a southern exposure. That was by design. “My clients’ main home is in Westchester County,” Gold explains. “They make quick forays to the city and land here on short notice. My goal was to create a low-maintenance space where they can feel relaxed and truly at home from the moment they arrive.” 

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