Two young brothers asked for tailored, masculine, modern and streamlined—all on a budget.

Brown, tan, bronze and gold, in materials ranging from linen to leather, help give this apartment the masculine vibe requested by the clients

The site was a two-bedroom apartment in The Beacon, the luxury residence at Garvies Point in Glen Cove, N.Y., and the clients were an out-of-the-ordinary pair for designer Maryvi Araujo—two young brothers, one of whom was in the workforce, the other still in college.

They were looking for the opposite of frat house décor. Call it bachelor pad chic—a look that’s tailored, masculine, modern and streamlined—all on a budget that could best be called moderate.

Outside the dining area, are a balcony and small garden that beckon for breakfast or cocktails.

In the main living area, top right, sculptural objects reflect the homeowners’ modern taste.

This was an opportunity for Araujo, who is based in Safavieh’s Manhasset showroom, to demonstrate the store’s versatility. "We achieved true one-stop shopping," she recalls. "Not just furniture, but everything, from draperies and drapery hardware, to bedding, to the art on the walls came from Safavieh."

In keeping with the desire for a masculine vibe, brown predominates, but in a remarkably wide range of shades and textures—tan linen, patinated bronze, polished olivewood, faux mink and more. Beyond the dining area is a charming balcony. "I treated it as a small garden," says Araujo, who used Safavieh’s outdoor furniture and everlasting plants for low maintenance. "The space is perfect for breakfast al fresco or a cocktail."

"I'm not going to tell you what the whole project cost, but you’d be impressed at its affordability," she adds. "Safavieh is a great choice for young professionals just starting out." And they have the added benefit of working free of charge with a professional designer.

With its neutral palette, bottom right, a bedroom projects a quiet elegance

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