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Artfully Yours

A collection of prints. A montage of memorabilia. A cluster of sculptures. Creative displays of the important well-loved pieces in your life can create commanding visual centerpieces in your home.

Miniature art pieces, found objects and special memorabilia help create an attractive textured montage.

A classical mahogany table and sideboard define the area with their straight lines and are complemented by a pair of dark wood frames hanging from the picture rail. In contrast, a curated assortment of stark plaster busts of American statesmen adds pops of white and softness to the décor.

An affinity for silver holloware extends from the pieces atop the English mahogany secretary to the main display wall. This tightly clustered collection of framed engravings from a 19th-century silversmith’s catalog weaves a subtle thread of elegant design continuity throughout the room.

An array of antique portraiture creates a commanding visual centerpiece in the heart of this living space, which is outfitted with furnishings and accessories spanning multiple design eras. The art and environment play well together thanks to the beautifully balanced palette of golds, beiges and browns.

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